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Green Apple Solutions is a strategic partner for many leading technology and consulting companies across the globe. We understand the need to develop new products faster, improve integration and collaboration across the value chain, and streamline operations for increased sales. We draw on our industry-specific expertise to craft tailored solutions that help them implement successful leadership strategies.

Our team goes beyond today's challenges to anticipate the potential consequences of shifting business, financial and technology strategies. We also help clients explore potential obstacles to change and collaborate on critical decisions that can deliver real value to their businesses.

Our Offerings:
  • Enterprise Application development
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Business Analytics and Dashboards
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Software Design & System Engineering
  • Platform Migration
Business Benefits:
  • Technical and functional expertise
  • Quality solutions with timely project delivery
  • Service-level optimization (reliability, availability, scalability)
  • Enable agility across content, asset and business application portfolios
  • Tailoring of solutions to industry-specific needs