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In a current dynamic business environment, technology keeps changing to cater to business needs. As a result, organizations often require to re-engineer their existing legacy applications to take benefits of new technologies. Business process re-engineering not only helps organizations to operate better, it also results in to significant Return on Investment (ROI).

With newer technologies coming up everyday, it is imperative that the businesses realize that automation of their operations and processes will lead to better interaction with the customers as well as realize their full potential and reduce costs.

Our re-engineering and migration services team designs solutions that leverage the latest technologies, ensuring longevity with increased performance and scalability, reducing the cost of maintenance.

Our migration portfolio covers:
  • Migrating systems and business logic to new architectures, languages and web-based environments.
  • User interface revamp based on information architecture and usability reviews
  • Reverse engineering, full application suite redevelopment
  • Integrating Legacy Systems with new Internet driven technologies.
  • Migrating data from the legacy applications to the new application while preserving data integrity.
Business benefits:
  • Proven and well defined methodology and best practices in migration and re-engineering
  • Qualified and Experienced programmers and managers with migration tools and process expertize
  • Iterative - module by module - approach where the lessons learned from one iteration are applied to the next.