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Wireless enablement, social media and device proliferation are changing the media environment, often shifting the balance of power towards consumers, who now have tools to manage and consume a nearly limitless volume of content. At Green Apple Solutions, we help traditional and digital media organizations find ways to deliver media content in efficient and profitable ways.

Our dedicated team includes media and entertainment professionals with deep industry knowledge to establish seamless web and wireless inter-communication with the new technology opportunities that maximizes visibility and creates business value and profit from the boom in digital consumption.

We address business challenges in three ways: business remodeling, accelerating innovation and streamlining operations.

Our Offerings:
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Digital Content Publishing
  • Social Networking Portals
  • Mobile Application Development


Business Benefits:
  • Enhance consumer experience and contextuality
  • Service-level optimization (reliability, availability, scalability)
  • Enable agility across content, asset and business application portfolios
  • Tailoring of solutions to industry-specific needs