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At Green Apple Solutions, we realize the need for flexibility and agility. We can modulate the Engagement model based on the nature of the project, team size, locations, etc. to provide a high level of transparency and full control. Fitness to Purpose is the core driver of deciding which engagement model is best suited for our customers. You can choose from a list of standard models keeping in mind the size, complexity and delivery requirements of the project.
Fixed Cost Pricing Model

An ideal pricing mechanism for projects with a clear scope, established project management methodologies, and a stable set of requirements. It is a reliable option, which can be used if the requirements are well defined along with the results.

Time & Material Pricing Model

It is a best suited model for the clients who have diversified and flexible demand of skilled professionals. This model offers the flexibility to vary the size of your team depending on your projected workloads.

Dedicated Resource Model

This model is an excellent solution for businesses requiring technical resources as an extension to their in-house team to oversee development projects. Our team works dedicatedly on your projects or as a part of your development team to cater to your business needs.

On-site Engagement

Most preferred engagement model for medium term projects (6-9 months). Our resources work at client's site as an extension to their own development team to keep their confidential data within their own environment.

Hybrid Model

A combination of onsite and offshore services for superior results at significantly reduced costs. This model is most appropriate when cost is an important factor and at the same time that project needs some key technical people to work onsite and interact with the client very closely.